Corporate Governance

The Executive Bodies and associated Committees


The Board of Directors has delegated the coordination of the company’s day-to-day business operations to the Chief Executive Officer.

Primary responsibilities of the CEO include:

  • Formulating the strategic plan, goals and objectives for the Group as determined by the Strategic Committee;
  • Implementing the strategic plan in order to enhance revenue, profitability, and growth of the company within agreed objectives;
  • Maintaining Unigestion's mind-set of achieving first quartile investment performance and delivering superior client service;
  • Overseeing and monitoring the business development of the Group;
  • Overseeing the day-to-day business of the Group and leading the Executive Committee; 
  • Maintaining the ethics and core values of Unigestion; and
  • Ensuring that Unigestion complies with high industry standards in dealing with its shareholders, clients and employees. 


The Chief Executive Officer is supported in the carrying-out of these duties by the Deputy Chief Executive Officer. The latter works alongside the Chief Executive Officer in day-to-day decision making related to company management, and leads the Group’s operational service platform (Finance, Operations, Legal, Risk Management, Organisation & Project and Human Resources).

Fiona Frick is the Chief Executive Officer of Unigestion and Régis Martin is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer.



The Executive Committee is a working group to reflect upon, implement and monitor Unigestion's strategy. Members of the Executive Committee have a dual role: they are in charge of their specific activities within the Group and they share the responsibility to do what is best for the Group as a whole.

The members of the Executive Committee are:

Fiona Frick Chief Executive Officer
Régis Martin Deputy Chief Executive Officer & Chief Financial Officer
Hanspeter Bader Head of Private Assets
Jean-François Hirschel Head of Marketing
Alexei Jourovski Head of Equities
Tom Leavitt Head of Institutional Clients
Anthony Payot Head of IT & Logistics
Nicolas Rousselet Head of Hedge Funds
Jérôme Teïletche Head of Cross Asset Solutions

The Executive Committee is headed by the Chief Executive Officer.

The primary responsibilities of the Executive Committee include:

  • Contributing to Unigestion's strategy by doing research and by making recommendations on a project or proposed change;
  • Participating in the implementation of operating decisions affecting Unigestion as a whole;
  • Responsible for implementing Unigestion’s strategy in their departments; and
  • Reporting on developments in their respective areas, reviewing projects that cut across organisational boundaries, reviewing future options.

TThe Executive Committee meets twice a month:


  • The monthly Executive Committee Business Review meeting deals with business development, marketing, investment lines, finance, legal and operations. Other key executives may be invited to attend this meeting; 
  • The monthly Executive Committee General Management meeting deals with implementation of strategy, compliance, human resources, financials, competition and on-going projects.




The Investment line Steering Committees are working groups to reflect and monitor on the strategy of each Investment Line.

The members of the Steering Committees are:

The Head of the Investment Line ​and:

Bernard Sabrier Chairman
Patrick Fenal Deputy Chairman
Fiona Frick Chief Executive Officer
Régis Martin Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Jean-François Hirschel Head of Marketing
Tom Leavitt Head of Institutional Clients

The primary responsibilities of the Investment Line Steering Committees include:

  • Reviewing with the head of Investment Line the main strategic issues in each investment line that could have an influence on Unigestion's strategy or risks;
  • Defining long-term strategy, goals and objectives of the Investment Line;
  • Review major strategic issues facing the Investment Line;
  • Measuring progress of the Investment Line in implementing the long-term strategy: the Head of Investment Line reports on day-to-day activity to implement the strategy;
  • Reviewing of Investment Line market evolution in terms of trends in customers/clients and how it could influence the strategy; and
  • Approving new products and taking the "go, no-go" decision on launch date.

The Investment Line ​Steering Committee meets as often as required, but at least three times a year.​

Data as at 30.06.2014