Corporate Governance

The Strategic Committee

The Strategic Committee is the formal link between the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors. The Strategic Committee develops strategies and strategic plans for approval by the Board of Directors. The Chairman and the Deputy Chairman act as a sounding board to the Chief Executive Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer and give them advice in order to go forward in implementation.

The members of the Strategic Committee are:

Bernard Sabrier Chairman
Patrick Fenal Deputy Chairman
Fiona Frick Chief Executive Officer
Régis Martin Deputy Chief Executive Officer

The primary responsibilities of the Strategic Committee includes:

  • Defining the long-term strategy, goals and objectives of the Group to be proposed and agreed by the Board of Directors;
  • Reviewing major strategic issues facing the Group and proposing solutions to the Board;
  • Measuring the Group's progress in realising its long-term strategy;
  • Reviewing strategic acquisition and merger opportunities in new activities, new regions; 
  • Monitoring trends in client behaviour and how it could influence the strategy (business line, geographical choices); and
  • Dealing with any other matters as are delegated by the Board of Directors.

The Strategic Committee meets as often as required, but at least four times a year.​​

Data as at 31.12.2012

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