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Redefining Risk Management

For more than 50 years we have focused on providing investors with innovative investment products tailored to their needs. Intelligent risk-taking is key to delivering smoother returns over time. This core conviction underpins our investment approach across our four areas of expertise – equities, private equity, liquid alternatives and multi asset. Our focus on understanding and anticipating risk as a means to outperform sets us apart. By taking risk in a measured, informed way, we aim to deliver on our clients’ expectations. Risk management is embedded at every stage of our investment process. It’s part of our DNA, our culture and defines everything we do.


Over 50 Years of Innovation

In 2021 we celebrated our 50th anniversary, providing an ideal opportunity to take a look back at the company’s history – the people and innovations that have made us who we are today: an independent asset manager with a stakeholder model of ownership and an unwavering focus on delivering for clients.

Responsible Investing

We believe that investing in well-governed businesses with responsible practices can make a positive contribution to our clients’ portfolios over the long term. ESG is deeply rooted in our investment approach and we strive to be responsible stewards of our clients’ assets within a framework of strong governance and transparency. Effective stewardship benefits companies, investors and society as a whole by encouraging change and allocating capital to the companies driving the shift to a sustainable economy. Read more about our approach to responsible investing here.