Research is central to our investment approach at Unigestion. All our investment solutions are founded on rigorous scientific research conducted in-house. We offer an exceptional learning experience and an opportunity to kick-start your career by contributing directly to commercially-driven research projects. Current research initiatives include machine-learning prediction of single stock risks and macro analysis of opportunities in private equity market segments.

Our Research Internship Programme is specifically designed to find and foster talented individuals and give them an opportunity to grow, to drive innovation and to make a real difference to our industry.

Fiona Frick, Group CEO


Unigestion is a nimble and flat-structure organisation. We like team players. On a daily basis, you will be collaborating with senior members of our research and investment teams. You will also be invited to participate in our internal research seminars and to present your work to our global research committee.


Joining our internship programme can have a meaningful impact, for us and for you. Outstanding performance as a research intern can lead to an offer of full-time employment upon graduation, depending on internal needs. In recent years, many of our research interns have joined us on a permanent basis after completing the programme.


Our research projects are rooted in real-world issues but have strong scientific content. Statistical significance, for example, is a key concern for our work and we apply state-of-the art scientific methods to guard against overfitting. For each research project, we identify the research gap relative to the extant academic and practitioner literature. Our scientific outreach network includes researchers at leading universities in several countries including Imperial College London, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and Université de Paris-Dauphine. That level of scientific rigour will allow you to combine your internship project with your Master’s thesis or other academic publications.

We foster a scientific culture at Unigestion including an evidence-based decision-making process to generate innovative, commercially viable solutions to client challenges.

Robert Kosowski, Head of Quantitative Research

Practical details

Internships take place in one of our main offices (Geneva, London or Zurich) for a renewable 3-6 month period. Compensation for the internships is competitive. Internships may start at any time during the year. In our experience, 6-month internships allow for more substantive projects that add more value for interns. However, in some cases 3-month internships are also possible.

Who can apply?

We are looking for MSc students in their final year specialising in Finance, Econometrics/Statistics or Computer Sciences. PhD students are also welcome, under specific circumstances.

How to apply?

Please send your application to


My internship at Unigestion within the Private Equity team was very rewarding. It allowed me to bridge my knowledge from the academic world with the firm’s investment strategies. My research project focused on stochastic modelling of private equity investment programmes. It was a great fit for my Master’s thesis and I was supervised by some of the industry’s most experienced practitioners. This valuable opportunity led to an offer of a permanent position with the company. I highly recommend Unigestion’s internship programme for the great educational experience in a challenging and welcoming environment!

Alisa Shishkina, Quantitative Analyst