We have always stayed true to our conviction that intelligent risk-taking is key to delivering smoother, more consistent returns over time. We combine human insight with state-of-the-art technology and big data, in order to make risk management our best ally.

Fiona Frick, Unigestion Group CEO

Redefining risk management

Unigestion is an independent, specialist asset manager providing innovative, tailored solutions for investors worldwide. Since our creation in 1971, we have stayed true to our conviction that intelligent risk-taking is key to delivering consistent returns over time. This core belief is the cornerstone of our investment approach across our four areas of expertise – equities, private equity, liquid alternatives and multi asset.

Our focus on understanding and anticipating risk as a means to outperform sets us apart. By taking risk in a measured, informed way, we aim to deliver superior performance for our clients. Risk management is embedded at every stage of our investment process. It’s part of our DNA, our culture and defines everything we do.

Headquartered in Geneva, Unigestion has a global presence that extends across Europe, North America and Asia. We are privately owned, with a shareholder structure designed to ensure our long-term stability and align our interests with those of our clients.

A history of innovation

Unigestion was founded in 1971, with our Chairman, Bernard Sabrier taking over the company in 1976. Under Bernard’s leadership, Unigestion began investing in hedge funds during the 1980s, often as a seed investor with some of the hedge fund industry’s biggest names. As with all our investments, each was carefully considered and tested initially using partners’ capital before we brought clients on board.

Unigestion was also a pioneer in private equity, again supporting managers who today are among the most successful in the private equity market. Over the years, we successfully strengthened our private equity capabilities to become a leading specialist in the global small and mid-market.



Unigestion developed its core risk-managed equity strategy in the mid-1990s, based on pioneering research into the minimum variance anomaly led by Fiona Frick, now our CEO. We have continued to adapt and refine this innovative investment approach across a broadening equities universe and today, we have the longest track record in the industry of running risk-managed equity portfolios.

Another key milestone was the expansion of our multi asset capabilities. Having managed multi asset strategies since 1993, we appointed a new team in 2014 to meet growing investor demand for more sophisticated solutions than pure balanced passive solutions. Our Cross Asset Solutions team has since developed a unique, macro risk-based approach that combines enhanced diversification with sophisticated and dynamic risk management to deliver smoother long-term returns.

The team also played a crucial role in the evolution of our liquid alternatives offering. As academic research revealed that much of hedge fund alpha could be attributed to the existence of differentiated risk premia, we undertook our own extensive research to develop cost-effective, liquid solutions to access these uncorrelated sources of return. Our innovative alternative risk premia strategy also combines our proprietary macro risk-based strategic and dynamic allocation approach, offering significant diversification benefits to traditional portfolios.

Our clients

Since our inception in 1971, we have helped some of the world’s most sophisticated investors to protect and grow their capital. We are proud to partner with more than 500 clients, working with them to co-create solutions to help them achieve their investment goals, now and in the future. With more than 50% of client assets managed through bespoke mandates, we have decades of experience in delivering tailored strategies that aim to meet our clients’ diverse and often complex requirements.








High net
worth families



Our expertise

We manage USD 22.9 billion in assets across our four areas of expertise. All our investment solutions are fully customisable to suit individual client needs.

  • Equities

We offer a range of active equity strategies which seek to deliver long-term outperformance with reduced downside risk over a full market cycle. We maintain a consistent investment approach across all our equity portfolios, taking a holistic 360-degree view of risk that combines both systematic and discretionary analysis. Investment solutions include risk-managed equities and active factor allocation.
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  • Private Equity

We have been helping investors to tap the potential of private equity for 25 years, thanks to our deep knowledge of local markets. We offer a range of actively managed solutions covering the direct, primary and secondary private equity markets. We invest globally across all market segments, with a particular focus on the small and mid-market. We target high quality buyout, growth capital and carefully selected special situations, with diversification of risk at the forefront of our strategies.
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  • Liquid Alternatives

We have been actively investing in alternatives for over 30 years. Our range of actively managed investment solutions include our flagship macro risk-based alternative risk premia strategy, as well as long/short equity factor, absolute return volatility, trend-following and fund of hedge fund strategies. All our liquid alternative solutions are designed to deliver cost-effective, differentiated return streams with a low correlation to traditional assets.
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  • Multi Asset

We offer innovative alternatives to the more traditional diversified growth and multi asset solutions. All our multi asset strategies aim to deliver smoother returns in all market conditions using a unique, macro risk-based investment approach. They allocate both strategically and dynamically across a diverse range of traditional and alternative risk premia. Collectively, they can fulfil a range of outcomes for clients, but all share a single objective: to protect our investors’ capital on the downside while exploiting opportunities in upward-trending markets.
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Assets under management as at 31 December 2019, based on estimated data. Any discrepancies are due to rounding.

Our track record

Across all our areas of investment expertise, we aim to deliver strong risk-adjusted performance over the long term. We believe our results speak for themselves:


AUM exhibit
lower volatility
than benchmark


Average risk


AUM ahead

of benchmark


p.a. average


Source: Unigestion as of 31 December 2019, based on Equity, Alternatives and Multi Asset composites excluding Private Equity and Private clients.

Performance is quoted based on GIPS composites, gross of fees (expressed in USD). Please note that the inclusion of fees, costs and charges will reduce the overall value of performance. The maximum management fee schedule applicable is 1.6% per annum. Calculations are based on Unigestion composites that follow a benchmark. These represent 100% of the firm’s Equities AUM, 63% of the firm’s Liquid Alternatives AUM and 18% of the firm’s Multi Asset AUM.
Risk reduction is measured by volatility and excludes composite with fixed rate or cash benchmarks. All performance and risk figures are estimated since inception, capital weighted.

Our commitment to society

We believe that by investing responsibly, we can help shape a sustainable future for society as well as deliver superior, long-term performance for our clients. As a signatory of both the UN Principles for Responsible Investment and the Montreal Carbon Pledge, we are committed to improving the way we measure, report and manage environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues throughout our investment activities.

We integrate ESG considerations into all our decision-making processes, using both systematic filtering and discretionary analysis to assess ESG risks. We also offer bespoke SRI-based strategies for clients with more specific requirements. As active owners, we engage with companies on ESG issues both directly and collaboratively, as well as through proxy voting, to help drive positive change.

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