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Unigestion’s contemporary alternatives solutions

Alternative investments have historically played a key role in a balanced portfolio. Well-managed alternatives solutions are designed to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns despite periods of market turbulence. Unigestion has been actively investing in alternatives for over 25 years.


Direct alternatives solutions

Unigestion Alternative Risk Premia harvests proprietary defined trend following, carry and equity factors’ premia. The strategy aims to deliver cash +7% over a full market cycle with a target volatility of 8%. The allocation between the different premia is dynamically performed based on our macro risk model.

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This strategy seeks to meet its objective of an absolute positive performance of 10% p.a. by executing a long/short factor-based approach with a target beta of zero. The Long/Short Active Factor Strategy is an actively managed based on an innovative investment approach by applying Unigestion’s proven 360 degree risk management on four equity factors value, momentum, quality and size. This allows the elimination of unrewarded risk at the single factor level. The ability to short enables to benefit from negative factor exposure. Finally, active allocation between factors based on macro analysis is another source of return for the strategy.

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This is a defensive investment strategy which aims to achieve a 6% return p.a. over a three year investment horizon while not losing money over a 12 month period. Absolute Return is a further development of our proven risk managed equity strategies. It combines the risk reduction characteristics of our equity strategy together with a dynamic overlay to provide investors with a steady return stream with limited drawdown risk and weekly liquidity.

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The solution is designed to deliver performance in line with the universe of CTA strategies. CTA strategies have typically had strong long-term track records but they have come at the expense of high fees. Unigestion’s solutions aim to deliver this superior performance in a cost-efficient and transparent manner, thanks to an efficient and methodical approach to collecting, digesting and interpreting information by accessing the broadest possible universe.

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Alternatives 2.0

Where investors are concerned about the costs, liquidity and transparency of traditional alternatives solutions, Unigestion has developed ‘Alternatives 2.0’ – a toolkit for the 21st century investor. Alternatives 2.0 not only addresses challenges such as lower costs, better liquidity and full use of risk budget, but also offers a unique modular access allowing investors to better tailor a hedge fund solution to their specific needs.

Alternatives 2.0 combines the best of the best managers across the globe with smart, more efficient direct alternative solutions developed by Unigestion.

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Integrating ESG criteria

Unigestion can construct, integrate and manage a dedicated Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) overlay across all its alternatives strategies.