In this webinar, Unigestion multi-asset portfolio managers Olivier Marciot and Jeremy Gatto discussed on how best to navigate the markets in a world where central banks are back in the spotlight.

Central banks across the globe looked poised to raise rates in response to rampant inflation. However, current market pricing looks too aggressive, notably for the Fed, as inflation is likely to cool in 2022.

In this environment, we went through:

1. Our base case for 2022, in terms of macro fundamentals and central bank responses

2. How to navigate in a year of central bank “normalisation”

3. What divergent responses by different central banks (e.g. developed vs. emerging) means for investors

4. How best to position for cooling inflation

5. The scenarios that could derail the markets:
– Central banks slam on the breaks faster and harder than expected
– Covid lingers, gets worse

6. Why US assets in general look the most attractive, and which ones in particular