Unigestion wins ‘Best Equity Fund House’ at 2019 Morningstar Awards in seven countries

Unigestion, the independent, specialist asset manager has won the ‘Best Equity Fund House’ at the 2019 Morningstar Awards in Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium.

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Unigestion’s investment approach is consistent across all equity strategies, taking a holistic 360-degree view of risk that combines both systematic and discretionary analysis. Strategies aim to deliver long-term outperformance with reduced downside risk over a full market cycle.


It is a great achievement to have won seven Morningstar awards across Europe, particularly given the strength of our competition. We believe this success can be put down to our intelligent risk management approach, which forms part of our investment DNA, and will continue to be a driver of long-term returns. We are immensely proud of the team and our offering, and look to continue providing real value over the long-term for our clients.

Fiona Frick, CEO, Unigestion


These award wins shine a light on our investment approach and focus on providing superior long-term returns for our clients. In 2018, increased market volatility contributed to our ability to generate alpha through our positioning in reasonably valued quality stocks. Looking forward, we believe that our continuous focus on selecting the right risks within our portfolios will be a source of robust performance.

Alexei Jourovski, Head of Equities, Unigestion

The Morningstar Awards help investors around the world identify the year’s most exceptional funds, fund managers and fund houses. Winners of the ‘Fund House’ category are selected based on Morningstar’s quantitative methodologies that emphasise outperformance over one, three, and five-year periods. With only three ‘fund house’ award categories, the 2019 Morningstar Awards are one of the industry’s most prestigious and illustrious awards.

Past performance is no guide to the future, the value of investments can fall as well as rise, there is no guarantee that your initial investment will be returned.