Navigating Macro Regime Shifts and Inflation Surprises

In our recent webinar, Guilhem Savry, Head of Global Macro & Dynamic Asset Allocation, and Salman Baig, Portfolio Manager, discussed the Global Macro Strategy and outlined their expectations for the economy and markets in the months ahead.

MiViews LIVE – Inflation: transient or durable?

Watch Florian Ielpo, Head of Macroeconomic Research, and Salman Baig, Portfolio Manager in our Cross Asset Solutions (CAS) team, discuss the implications of higher inflation and interest rates, and how investors should be positioned.

Unigestion Secondary V – LIVE

In our COVID dominated world, are secondary transactions frozen as GPs await valuations to stabilise? Or is there opportunity to be found in the small-mid space and in structuring special transactions focused on the very best companies?

Small and Mid-Market Private Equity: The Calm During the Storm

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing one of the largest economic crises of the past 100 years, with many individual economies expected to experience contractions of a magnitude never seen before. Small and mid-market companies have historically been more resilient than their larger counterparts during recessions and crises. History also shows that it is at the small end of the market, rather than among the biggest companies, that private equity deals with the highest return potential are to be found.