Riding the Central Bank Wave

Governments and central banks have attempted to offset the current, rapidly deteriorating macro situation with a wave of stimulus, prompting a recovery in market sentiment as stretched valuations corrected. Consequently, financial assets rallied strongly despite the dire macro picture, leading investors to wonder if it is time to get in or get out.

What’s Next?

In our view, the global economy is facing an unprecedented contraction and the outlook remains highly uncertain. However, various macro and market elements look supportive for select growth assets.

In this webinar, Florian Ielpo, Head of Macroeconomic Research, and Salman Baig, Portfolio Manager in our Cross Asset Solutions (CAS) team joined Ken Ebeling from our Business Development team to assess the headwinds and tailwinds for growth assets in light of macro fundamentals, and discuss the CAS team’s key convictions.

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