What we offer

Unigestion’s extensive deal flow is the result of 30 years of private equity experience, 15 years of secondary investment activity and our pro-active deal sourcing activity on a global basis.

We offer investors a number of strategies to access global private equity across the market spectrum:

  • Direct co-investments in global small and mid-sized companies
  • Secondary investments focusing on small, non-auctioned high quality transactions
  • Primary investments in funds managed by leading specialist investment partners

Direct and co-investments

At Unigestion, we are convinced that the most attractive private equity returns can be achieved by investing in those private companies that demonstrate potential for good growth and real operational improvement. The focus is on businesses where we see prospects for significant value creation, whether from market consolidation, the roll-out of new products or technologies, or any other reason we identify. In our experience, this is often best found in small and mid-sized companies where, in the private equity market, entry valuations are lower and leverage is therefore more reasonable.

In direct and co-investments, we target profitable small and mid-sized companies whose growth is underpinned by long-term trends. We source opportunities through our broad network of relationships. We take either majority or minority stakes alongside investment partners, such as specialist fund managers, fund-less sponsors or industry experts.

Unigestion’s Direct funds

  • Profitable smaller and mid-sized companies whose growth is underpinned by long-term trends
  • Diversification across sectors, regions and investment partners
  • Europe only or a blend of Europe, North America and Asia

Secondary investments

Our secondary deal flow comes from three main sources:

  • Fund managers – our extensive network of over 300 private equity specialists means that fund managers proactively contact us when investors want to sell their stakes
  • Proprietary deal introducers – we maintain strong ties with intermediaries and brokers globally
  • Direct sellers – established relationships with family offices and small and mid-sized institutions, as well as systematically contacting investors likely to rebalance their private equity exposure

We leverage our integrated global investment platform to focus on small, non-auctioned, transactions. Focusing on deal sizes of USD 5 million to 30 million allows us to benefit from limited competition. This means our secondary investment strategy is largely unaffected by market volatility in terms of pricing and volumes.

In addition, thanks to our extensive network and trusted reputation as a reliable long-term investment partner, Unigestion maintains a strong, high-quality deal flow. Our investment team often gains early and sometimes exclusive introductions to potential sellers of private equity assets.

With the secondary space, we deploy extensive direct and primary investment knowledge to intensively evaluate portfolios and to be able to execute transactions swiftly.

In secondary investments, we focus on small, non-auctioned transactions using rigorous fundamental analysis to value each company. We look for upside potential in high-quality companies that are intrinsically undervalued, or where exits are imminent.

Unigestion’s Secondary funds

  • Small non-auctioned transactions
  • Blend of single fund interests, secondary directs and fund restructurings
  • Europe-only or a blend of Europe, North America and Asia

Primary investments

The sourcing and development of new relationships is a core activity of the private equity team. We systematically and proactively search the market for managers, reviewing over 500 potential new relationships per year. Of these, we will meet between 200 and 300, assessing them on criteria such as investment strategy, quality of the management team and track record. We partner with those that can demonstrate deep knowledge of their target markets and proven access to attractive deals. Following this approach, we have built up an extensive global network of over 300 specialised investment partners.

These entrepreneurial teams pursue differentiated strategies and have a history of creating above-average growth or value through operational improvements and development, organic or external growth. The transformational capacity of these managers allows them to adapt to changing market environments and develop strategies that deliver the best potential returns at any given stage in the economic cycle. As a consequence, our investment performance tends to depend less on the macroeconomic environment than for many of our competitors.

In primary investments, we focus on specialist fund managers whose strategies are backed by supportive market conditions. We invest with both established and emerging teams that have a regional or sector expertise, a differentiated sourcing approach, a strong track record in creating value in portfolio companies and proven exit capabilities.

Unigestion’s Primary funds

  • 15 to 20 underlying small and mid-market funds
  • Buyout, growth capital and special situations
  • Europe only or a blend of Europe, North America and Asia

Customised programmes

A significant portion of the private equity money Unigestion manages on behalf of its clients is invested in customised solutions.

We offer investors tailor-made solutions to meet individual preferences. Our customised programmes provide full flexibility in terms of structuring, investment strategy, capital deployment and distribution pace. Investors choose the level of involvement in their programme. They have access to our web-based reporting platform, which allows the tailoring of reports, benchmarking of performance and monitoring of risk.

Client reporting

We believe that transparency is key for longstanding partnerships. That’s why we provide our investors with online access to all available reporting data. Apart from standard reports, such as quarterly and annual adviser reports and capital account statements, the system allows for the tailoring of reports to the individual needs of investors, either on the platform directly or by exporting the data into the investors’ own reporting framework.

We not only provide aggregated data at the fund-of-funds level, but also make available data for each underlying fund investment and even individual portfolio company. The integrated analytics tool allows investors to comfortably monitor investments and analyse the data beyond the standard reporting information. Performance can be benchmarked in various ways and also, together with cash flows, forecasted. Furthermore, several risk figures, such as value-at-risk, regulatory risk capital (e.g. Solvency II) can be assessed and stress tests applied.

Our investor portal also contains a data management system, where clients can access capital calls and distribution notices, as well as all legal and regulatory documents in context with their investment with Unigestion, such as Limited Partnership Agreements, Agreements of Adherence, K1 reports, TER reports and so on.

Successful investment platform

Awards are a recognition by experts. Usually determined by a jury, after having gone through a rigorous judging process, the winners stand out against their peers in respect to performance, investment strategy, innovation and client service. Unigestion is regularly awarded for excellence across all these areas.