Private Equity Webinar: Investment Insight

Unigestion’s Private Equity experts talked about the typical characteristics of companies in which we invest and how we create value.

Our host, Paul Newsome, Head of Investment Solutions, discussed with Francesco Aldorisio, Partner, and Federico Schiffrin, Partner, two recent investment’s case studies:

  • On the buy side, we talked about one of the latest deals done in our Unigestion Direct II programme: HealthTech BioActives – a carve-out from a large pharmaceutical group.
  • On the sell side, we used the case of WCG – a deal done in our Unigestion Direct Opportunities programme – to demonstrate what we look for in an investment, how we create value and how we decide when to exit.

At Unigestion, we believe that the most attractive private equity returns can be achieved by investing in those companies that demonstrate potential for strong growth and real operational improvements.
In direct and co-investments, we target profitable small and mid-sized companies whose growth is underpinned by long-term trends. We source opportunities through our broad network of relationships, built over more than 30 years of experience.