Navigating Macro Regime Shifts and Inflation Surprises

In our recent webinar, Guilhem Savry, Head of Global Macro & Dynamic Asset Allocation, and Salman Baig, Portfolio Manager, discussed the Global Macro Strategy and outlined their expectations for the economy and markets in the months ahead.

At Unigestion, we believe that inflation will be more than just a short-term phenomenon and for markets to start adjusting to this reality. This shift in the macro outlook will demand a more flexible and broader approach from investors.

The Unigestion Global Macro Strategy combines both systematic and discretionary macro investing to capture a broad set of market drivers and deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns. Our nimble approach is built to adapt to prevailing macroeconomic conditions, and provide diversified sources of returns during particularly challenging environments, either by boosting returns or reducing risk. Given the Strategy’s adaptive nature, we expect this to continue, regardless of the macro scenario that plays out.

Watch the webinar