Unigestion partners with Allianz Bank Financial Advisors to promote its multi asset offering in the Italian market

Unigestion, the independent specialist asset manager, is expanding its Italian presence by offering its multi asset capabilities through Allianz Bank Financial Advisors, the private banking arm of Allianz Group.

The Swiss asset manager, which traditionally caters primarily to institutional investors, will for the first time offer the capabilities of its multi asset fund, Uni-Global – Cross Asset Navigator, to the wealth segment in Italy.

With an investment horizon of three-to-five years, the Uni-Global – Cross Asset Navigator fund’s strategy aims to deliver smooth returns of cash + 5% gross of fees across all market conditions, with a target volatility of 6%. The strategy seeks to achieve this by capturing the upside during “bull” markets while protecting capital during market downturns.

Managed by Jérôme Teiletche and the Cross Asset Solutions team of Unigestion, the Navigator fund takes an innovative, macro risk-based investment approach, allocating strategically and dynamically across a diversified range of traditional and alternative risk premia.

Allianz Bank Financial Advisors will offer the strategy via their internal fund, X-team Unigestion Navigator, on the Unit Linked Challenge Pro platform. This platform is provided by Darta, an Irish life assurance company wholly-owned by the Allianz Group.

The Italian market is now one of the most important in Southern Europe for Unigestion, where since 2017 the company has been targeting a wide range of intermediaries, including banks, insurance companies and large independent asset managers.

We are very excited that Unigestion’s flagship multi asset strategy has been selected by the Allianz group. This shows a continued demand for innovative nimble multi asset approaches that can help investors in the current environment of low interest rates and slower economic growth.

The systematic inputs of our proprietary macro indicators “Nowcasters”, combined with the qualitative assessment of market sentiment and valuations by our discretionary PMs, offer quite a unique investment capability to navigate effectively through all market conditions.

Andrea Di Nisio, Head of Southern Europe Intermediaries at Unigestion

Andrea Di Nisio