Unigestion wins Morningstar’s ‘Best Asset Manager – Sustainable Investing Award’ in three countries

Unigestion, the independent specialist asset manager, has won a hat-trick of awards at the Morningstar Asset Manager Sustainable Investing Awards 2023.

In award ceremonies taking place last week, Morningstar, the investment research company, named Unigestion as the ‘Best Asset Manager – Sustainable Investing’ in France, Germany and Switzerland.

In their comments, the judges at Morningstar said: “Unigestion draws on its strong quantitative roots to embed environmental, social and governance factors into its investment process, ensure high transparency and develop a credible active engagement program. Unigestion receives a Morningstar ESG engagement level of Advanced. The firm’s ESG journey began in 2016 by integrating ESG factors into the quantitative process. Since then, Unigestion has developed, refined and adopted its proprietary ESG rating across all funds as an important factor in stock selection and portfolio construction. All equity funds must have a better ESG profile than their benchmarks and reduce their carbon intensity by at least 20%. In practice, the funds go far beyond this target with reduction targets of between 40 and 60%. Unigestion has a particular focus on environmental issues and climate change, areas where the firm can best leverage its historical quantitative expertise and where it sees the greatest long-term risks and opportunities. Other milestones achieved in recent years include the development of world-class ESG reporting at fund level.”*

Christophe de Dardel, Group Chief Executive of Unigestion, said: “These company-wide awards highlight the rigorous and integrated approach we take to ESG across the business on behalf of our clients. We are particularly delighted to have achieved them across three of our biggest markets in Europe.”

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To read an interview on Unigestion’s approach to sustainable investing with Alexandre Marquis, Head of Client Portfolio Management, Equities, click here: https://www.morningstar.fr/fr/news/233392/unigestion-laur%c3%a9at-2023-du-morningstar-france-awards-for-investing-excellence-asset-manager-sustainable-investing.aspx

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The Morningstar Best Asset Manager Award – Sustainable Investing is based on Morningstar’s criteria and is given to the asset manager that not only scores well on the Morningstar Sustainability Rating, but also has a strong commitment to integrating environmental, social and governance factors into its fund offering.

These asset managers typically have a clearly defined ESG philosophy, a high degree of ESG integration into the investment process and adequate resources to conduct sustainability research.

In addition, these fund houses are characterised by their extensive engagement and proxy voting activities.

Selection process
For the Best Sustainable Investment Fund House award, only those asset managers that have received a Morningstar ESG engagement level of Leader or Advanced by Morningstar fund analysts are eligible.

To arrive at a long list, an average Morningstar sustainability rating is calculated for these fund houses based on the funds in the fund range that have such a rating, supplemented by nominations by fund analysts. After debating the selected candidates, the fund analysts vote to determine the final ranking. The winner is determined by majority vote.’

Unigestion’ s receipt of these awards is in no way indicative of any individual client or investor’s experience with Unigestion or of Unigestion’ s future performance.