Institutional asset management for wealthy families

We have considerable experience of advising high net worth individuals (‘HNWI’) and their families looking for specialised, bespoke wealth management programmes.


Benefit from our latest institutional expertise


The requirements of our high net worth clients are in constant evolution. We therefore make available to them our expertise and the same investment management techniques we use with some of the most sophisticated institutional investors in the world. We build client-customised portfolios providing dedicated asset allocation and access to a wide choice of products within all asset classes.

We appreciate the effort that has gone into building family wealth. For many, capital preservation is paramount and our risk management-based approach to investing can play a strong role in achieving this objective and long term performance. Our investment process begins with an assessment of our client’s appetite for investing and risk. Based on this information, we propose a strategic allocation and overlay this with our interpretation of the markets and economic outlook to construct a bespoke portfolio. Our managers constantly monitor the investment environment and make tactical adjustments to the portfolio when appropriate.


Sharing investment knowledge in a participative way

For some HNWIs, customised portfolios are not enough. They want to be more hands-on and bring their own investment ideas. We can integrate them into their risk profiles and also provide access to co-investment opportunities. As such, we have geared our services to enable high net worth individuals and their families to benefit from educational tools and to share our knowledge with them in a participative way.

Throughout the process, we take a client-centric approach working closely with the client’s advisers including trustees, lawyers and accountants.
We pride ourselves on our personalised service to HNWIs and have offices in financial centres such as Geneva, Zurich, London, Paris, Jersey City, Montreal, Toronto and Singapore where many of our HNWI clients are based.