About Equities

Our expertise in equities is underpinned by our ability to transform theoretical, academic research into real investment strategies and solutions. Over the last 25 years, we have demonstrated this through a successful track record in risk-managed, alpha-seeking and ESG-tilted equity portfolios.

Our Equity Capabilities

Holistic Risk Management

We have one of the longest track records in the industry of running risk-managed equity portfolios. Our equity investment philosophy is anchored in the belief that the best way to make money in the long run is not to lose it.

ESG and Sustainability

We believe that investing in well-governed businesses with responsible practices can make a positive contribution to the long-term risk adjusted performance of our clients’ portfolios. We integrate ESG factors into our investment process using our ‘four pillars’ approach, covering norm-based exclusion, worst-in-class screening, portfolio guidelines and active stewardship.

Active Multifactor Portfolios

We start from academic research on proven equity risk premia such as Value, Momentum and Quality, then apply proprietary analysis to improve their risk-adjusted return characteristics. We then utilise an active, macroeconomically-informed weighting scheme to produce an efficient all-weather multifactor portfolio.

Our History in Equities

Risk Modelling

We measure and decompose risks using a suite of advanced quantitative models. This includes statistical stock price analysis and top-down Nowcaster indicators on macro, valuation and sentiment. As a consequence, our portfolios are able to exhibit convincing capital protection characteristics and a consistent behaviour across market regimes.

Style Factors

We harvest the return of equity risk premia: Value, Momentum, Quality and Low-Risk. Our definition of style premia risk combines rigorous empirical research and fundamental expertise. Their variance is assessed with our unified macro risk-based allocation framework. This process enables us to best capture academically proven sources of return in an optimal way.

Adaptive Allocation

We adapt our equity portfolio style allocation to macro, sentiment and valuation indicators. This framework blends a risk-based strategic allocation with a dynamic one using a series of Nowcaster and Newscaster indicators on macro, valuation and sentiment to ensure our performance remains robust across market regimes.


We integrate ESG factors using our four pillars approach, comprising a suite of indicators and processes. This covers norm-based exclusions, worst-in-class screening, portfolio guidelines and active engagement. As a result, our equity portfolios’ ESG metrics are significantly superior to corresponding market indices.

Fundamental Research

We uncover fundamental risks and opportunity sets using a framework which analyses stocks, sectors, countries and themes. Our qualitative appraisal complements the quantitative approach with a forward-looking view and acts as a safety net, improving on the weaknesses of quantitative models.

Machine Learning

We estimate expected returns using a supervised machine learning algorithm (Tree-based regression) to uncover complex non-linear relationships between 100+ predictors and stocks returns. This repeatable, unemotional process evolves over time to act as an additional alpha driver for our portfolios.

The Team

The Equities team is 22 strong and organised around the following five groups:

  • Portfolio Managers – responsible for portfolio construction, investment decisions, day-to-day portfolio monitoring and the enhancement of the management process through research projects.
  • Client Portfolio Managers – combine portfolio management roles including input into the decision making process and customisation of existing strategies to client needs.
  • Fundamental Analysts – responsible for performing qualitative/fundamental analysis on equities, with an aim of identifying and monitoring critical fundamental risk factors.
  • Quantitative Analysts – responsible for conducting quantitative research and developing the proprietary risk analysis tools used by the team.
  • Traders – responsible for the efficient implementation of strategies with regard to portfolio manager’s execution policies, as well as developing models to predict and reduce market impact while trading.

Composites & Funds


Unigestion Emerging Markets Core AI Equities

High Dividend Global Developed Equity

Unigestion Defensive Pacific Equities

Unigestion Global Developed Core AI Equities

Unigestion Defensive Global Developed Equities

Unigestion Defensive Japanese Equities

Unigestion Defensive Emerging Markets Equities

Unigestion Defensive Swiss Equities

Unigestion Defensive Europe ex-UK Equities

Unigestion Defensive Global All Country Equities

Unigestion Defensive Pan-European Equities

Unigestion Defensive Global Developed Equities - EUR Optimized

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