Our History in Liquid Alternatives

Our Liquid Alternatives Capabilities

Unigestion was an early adopter of hedge funds for its own account, focusing on strategies delivering diversification in volatile and challenging markets. While we are still invested in external capabilities in some mandates, we have also launched a range of direct liquid alternative strategies over the years, leveraging our capabilities in equities and cross-asset solutions. Common to all our liquid alternative strategies is a disciplined, risk-managed investment process that allocates dynamically to risk premia. Our strategies are also designed to deliver long-term outperformance while keeping moderate to low correlation to equities. Finally, with the bulk of our liquid alternative investments managed through segregated mandates, we have a proven ability to understand clients’ objectives and to design strategies tailored to their needs in terms of return and risk targets, liquidity profile or costs constraints.

Our Liquid Alternatives Solutions

Alternative Risk Premia

Alternative Risk Premia (ARP) strategies reproduce approaches developed by hedge funds in a systematic way, such as long/short and leveraged portfolio construction, to deliver return streams that can vary significantly from those of traditional investment strategies. Our global ARP programs invest across the main families of strategies (equity factors, macro directional, alternative income, systematic defensive strategies). For dedicated funds or mandates, we select the most convenient range of strategies and combine them to achieve specific objectives.

Systematic Defensive Strategies

A range of systematic strategies seeking to protect during equity drawdowns, while aiming to be as cost-efficient as possible. This includes pure option strategies (explicit protection, “tail-hedging”), strategies replicating similar profiles (such as delta-replication strategies) or macro defensive strategies.

Global Macro

The strategy combines a set of three systematic and discretionary macro styles (systematic macro allocation, discretionary macro allocation, systematic trading allocation) applied to a large universe of liquid derivatives contracts across all asset classes (equities, rates, credit, commodities, foreign exchange, volatility), in order to deliver absolute returns across different market cycles. The strategy notably uses our dynamic allocation process based on systematic tools around macro cycle (nowcaster/newscaster), sentiment and valuation.

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Global Hedge Funds

Our external strategies team leverage on Unigestion’s long-standing experience and relationships to select the best liquid alternative managers, according to specific client needs.

Equity Hedge

We combine our expertise in running risk-managed equity portfolios with a hedge overlay using a combination of index futures, in order to further reduce absolute risk. Our proprietary hedging algorithm ensures an efficient mitigation of the basis risk whilst ensuring a high correlation between the underlying equity portfolio and futures.

Composites & Funds


Unigestion Global Macro - 10% Target Volatility

Tail Hedged Global All Country Equity

Alternative Risk Premia - 8% Target Volatility

Multi-Asset Trend Follower

Diversified Alternative Multi-Manager - USD

Diversified Alternative Multi-Manager - EUR

High Dividend Global Developed Equity Hedge

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