Emerging Managers

Unigestion has been investing in emerging managers since the 1990s and is recognised as a pioneer in this space.

Our global emerging manager programme focuses on investing in highly-specialised managers targeting attractive net returns, accelerated deployment and a low total expense ratio. Risk management is a key consideration, achieved through diversification and selection of funds with very low leverage, portfolio companies that are not valued below cost, and a high degree of visibility at entry.

Research demonstrates that, on average, first-time funds hold up better than established managers in difficult market environments and that sector-focused funds outperform the generalists. We invested early with funds that are now regarded as leaders in such sectors as B2B software, medtech/biopharma and financial services and benefit from strong relationships across this segment of the private equity ecosystem.

Since 1996, we have committed to over 100 Emerging Managers globally. Over 70% of these funds achieved top or second quartile performance for their respective vintages. (Source: Unigestion, Preqin).