Investment approach

Our approach

Our investment approach, which is common to directs, secondaries and primaries, is built on five pillars:

  • Focus on the global mid-market
  • Identify investment themes – areas of growth in a low growth environment
  • Follow a rigorous investment process, supported by pioneering research
  • Impose high ESG standards
  • Assess portfolios constantly and act proactively

Our investment themes

Climate Transition Resource Efficiency Sustainable Cities Service Efficiency Future of Work Personal Well-being Healthcare Reengineered

Energy transition

Industrial Materials Chemicals

Agriculture & Forestry

Green transportation

Green construction

Circular product design

Efficient production

Localization of supply chain

Distribution & logistics

Responsible consumption

Re-use/ Repair/Recycle


Smart mobility

Smart cities

Inclusive cities

Security systems

Tech-enabled services

Software – B2B applications

Software – B2X applications

Public administration and NGOs

Education & Reskilling



Fair workplace


Emerging consumer



Personal safety & data security



Cost efficiency

Value healthcare spend

Preventive health


Mental health

Our Research

Research and academic discovery are fundamental, enabling us to help find the answers to issues arising from a constantly evolving investment environment and to deliver differentiated investment strategies. We cross-fertilise research ideas across Unigestion to ensure we are leveraging intellectual capital throughout the organisation. For our research, we partner with several universities including Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Imperial College Business School and Oxford University. Since 2020, we have integrated machine-learning tools into our fund and direct investment selection process. The tools, which can score funds based on 27 parameters and direct investment opportunities based on 40 parameters, have been trained using thousands of prior investments in our proprietary database spanning over 25 years. This allows us to screen a larger pool of potential investment opportunities and focus our due diligence on key critical areas. Ultimately, this helps us find more “hidden gems”, reduce human bias and make high conviction investment decisions.

Investment Committee

Unigestion’s extensive and experienced global investment team covers the private equity market through offices in Geneva, Zurich, London, Jersey City and Singapore. Each local team is responsible for sourcing, investment execution and monitoring with support from the broader global team to benefit from sector expertise, knowledge sharing, deal structuring experience and synergies across the portfolio. The Investment Committee, consisting of Bernard Sabrier, Christophe de Dardel, Paul Newsome and Mark Zünd, gives feedback on investment opportunities early in the process and ultimately approves investment and divestment decisions. The Investment Committee also discusses investment strategy, investment themes and portfolio development.

Investment committee