Climate Impact

Unigestion Climate Impact

Unigestion has been at the forefront of ESG integration across all of its investment strategies. A member of the UNPRI since 2013, we launched our first environmental private equity fund in 2010 and see Climate Impact as the natural progression of our ESG journey in private equity.

We recognise that investors want to benefit from climate investment opportunities and achieve both impact and returns. They want to see demonstrable impact from a team with experience in climate investing.

Three of the seven investment themes we apply across all of our private equity strategies – climate transition, resource efficiency and sustainable cities – are core investment themes for Climate Impact and include sectors such as energy transition, circular product design, responsible consumption and smart cities. Our entire investment team has experience of investing in companies benefiting from the climate transition as a result.

Climate Impact returns are driven by multiple levers:

  • Revenue growth through increasing demand for greener products and services
  • Margin expansion through pricing power of greener products and services
  • Lower financing costs
  • Higher exit multiples