Unigestion Climate Impact

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time and companies directly addressing the climate challenge are poised for exceptional growth.

Our Climate Impact strategy targets better outcomes for society and the environment as well as robust performance by investing in a portfolio of high growth companies driving the transition to a low carbon economy. Through direct investments and secondaries, we target companies that provide solutions to the climate challenge, harnessing our 12-year track record of investing in low carbon investing

Our Climate Impact Fund

  • Companies providing solutions to the climate challenge: Given the drive for a net zero carbon economy, there is a significant tailwind driving robust growth across multiple sectors including energy transition, green construction, green mobility, forestry, land management and circular materials.
  • Uncompromised private equity performance: We target 18 – 20% net IRRs to investors, the same target as our direct and secondaries funds.
  • Quantified impact: We report to investors specific contribution to SDGs 7 & 13 using the Principal Adverse Impact (PAI) indicators. We specifically monitor the GHG emission intensity of each portfolio company, benchmarking against Science Based Targets.
  • 12 years of impact investing: We have been a pioneer in climate impact investing, having launched our first environmental fund in 2010.


Unigestion’s ESG journey

The Climate Impact Fund is is the natural progression of Unigestion’s ESG journey in Private Equity, which started ten years ago as illustrated below: