For more than 50 years, Unigestion has built enduring partnerships with both founders and second or third generation stewards of leading, global enterprises.

Our Wealth Management Capabilities

These ambitious entrepreneurs and custodians of inter-generational wealth, have chosen to entrust us with the privilege of managing their assets. They have found common ground with our family history, our values and experiences, and our unwavering commitment to excellence and constant quest for improvement.

We not only share with them our long-standing expertise in financial markets but also our acute understanding of business matters, family governance complexities and philanthropic duties towards our communities and beyond.

Our personal experience managing our own family assets – with the successes and resolution of challenges we have faced through time – are our primary resource.

Together with the support of a team of more than 70 seasoned professionals, powered by an unequivocal obsession for measurable performance, we strive to add value through transparent dialogue, mutual cooperation and a first-hand understanding of discerning expectations.

Then we seek to execute flawlessly. We build tailor-made portfolios and provide timely advice to help families meet their goals in the most efficient way.

It is an integrity-based culture that has led our wealth management clients to preserve and grow their wealth alongside us – a true alignment of interests.

Wealth Management Leadership