Investment Strategy


Defensive Equity

  • Holistic risk assessment via quantitative and human analysis
  • Active risk management through inclusion of proprietary macro-economic signals
  • Deep integration of ESG through the investment process

Climate Transition Equity

  • Address full spectrum of climate opportunities: mitigators and enablers
  • Managing valuation risk: sustainability at a reasonable price
  • Human insight plus quantitative analysis across themes industries and traditional factor exposures

Core Equity

  • Alpha generation through risk premia and an innovative machine learning model
  • Refined factor definitions catering for inefficiencies of traditional methodologies.
  • Strategic long-term factor allocation defined by macroeconomic signals

Flexible Multi-Asset

  • Diversified: all weather multi-asset solution
  • Dynamic: quantitative and discretionary signals to adapt to macro environments
  • Risk managed: mitigates a broad range of risks

Tail Hedging

  • Effective: convex and cost efficient systematic protection
  • Dynamic: delta-hedging through the use of proprietary macro signals
  • Risk managed: active management of realised options performance enhancing long-term returns


  • Diversified: broad and liquid universe, including new markets
  • Macro based: strategic risk allocation aligned with macroeconomic reality
  • Risk managed: mitigates a broad range of risks

Equity Hedge

  • Combine value, high dividend and low risk styles in a risk-optimized portfolio
  • Optimise hedge correlation and market exposure in a regulatory framework
  • Alpha generation through an innovative machine learning model

Global Hedge Funds

  • Diversified: conviction portfolio with efficient risk diversification
  • Flexible: multiple strategies with different market exposures
  • Experts: proven manager selection skills with long history in tactical trading