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Du bon usage des primes de risque

Les recherches menées ces dix dernières années ont remis en cause l’idée selon laquelle le principal moteur de performance des hedge funds était de l’alpha. Une part importante de cet alpha s’avère être le fruit de primes de risque qui expliquent les performances des marchés financiers. Ce qui ouvre de nouvelles perspectives d’investissements à la gestion alternative.

Press article

Private Equity-Markt Schweiz

Christophe de Dardel, head of Private Equity, and Dr. Christian Böhler cited by the Venture Capital Magazin

Unigestion’s Alexei Jourovski and Equity team named Best Fund Manager in industry awards

Unigestion’s Alexei Jourovski and the Equity team were selected as the winner of ‘Best Fund Manager Equity – Switzerland’ at this week’s Citywire Switzerland Awards 2017.

Rewarding excellence in asset management, this award represents an important international recognition for leading asset managers which are available to the Swiss end investors and to the professionals selecting these for their clients.

Unigestion CEO interviewed on Alternative Risk Premia

In this Bloomberg video, Fiona Frick, CEO of Unigestion, talks about the challenges and investment opportunities in global markets today. Here she gives her views on how investors can seek new sources of returns while at the same time increasing their diversification. Given market valuations, Fiona believes that Alternative Risk Premia are becoming increasingly important for investors.

Go to minute 26:30 to watch Fiona’s interview!

Press release

Unigestion’s Nowcaster indicators show inflation is on its way

Unigestion, the boutique asset manager with scale, reports that its Nowcaster indicators are highlighting stronger inflation and growth around the world.