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News & Views

In addition to Unigestion announcing its corporate news, our spokespeople share their points of view in the international media on issues at the heart of investment performance. Subscribe now to receive our latest updates:

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MiViews Q2 2018: Rising uncertainty calls for dynamic risk management

In our latest macro investment outlook, Unigestion’s Florian Ielpo reveals how the economic environment has evolved since the start of this year and outlines our key themes for the coming quarter.

Press release

Unigestion launches global small and mid-market private equity fund

Unigestion Global Choice VII is a global small and mid-market investment programme and represents the continuation of the ‘Unicapital Global’ and ‘Euro Choice’ series of funds. Unigestion Global Choice VII is seeking EUR 300 million to build a portfolio of around 30 specialist buyout, growth capital and selectively special situations funds in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific.

Survival of the fittest: adapting to complex markets

We have not seen such strong and synchronised macroeconomic growth momentum since before the global financial crisis. While we expect this to continue in the main, market stress events like the one we saw in February are likely to become more prevalent and investors will have to adapt to more challenging and complex financial markets ahead. As Charles Darwin said, ‘It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.’

Fiona Frick, CEO of Unigestion

Press release

Powell raises rates and sets out ‘middle ground’ agenda in debut meeting

Jeremy Gatto, Investment Manager on Unigestion’s Navigator fund, outlines our multi asset team’s views following Jerome Powell’ s first Federal Open Markets Committee (FOMC)  meeting as Federal Reserve Chairman.

ECB marches towards normalisation

Olivier Marciot, Investment Manager on Unigestion’s Multi Asset Navigator fund, believes that the pace at which the major central banks normalise their policies will be key to asset returns this year and beyond