For nearly 50 years, Unigestion has pursued one goal: To offer institutional investors cutting-edge and innovative investment solutions to achieve their desired objectives.

Bernard Sabrier, Unigestion Chairman

Our investors’ goals are our goals

Since our inception in 1971, we have helped some of the world’s most sophisticated investors to protect and grow their capital, from pension funds and insurance companies to family offices and charities. We take the time to truly understand our clients’ diverse and often complex requirements and thrive on the challenge of delivering superior solutions to help them achieve their goals, now and in the future. We have decades of experience in running bespoke mandates, which today account for more than 60% of our assets under management.

As a privately owned company focused solely on asset management, our ability to deliver for our investors defines our success. Our independence allows us to take a long-term view and to truly align our interests with those of our clients. We aim to create sustainable value for our investors and our business, in contrast to the short-term focus on quarterly earnings of listed asset managers.

We are committed to providing an outstanding, all-encompassing service that goes beyond pure investment activities. By maintaining an open and transparent dialogue and sharing our research and ideas, we strive to become our clients’ long-term strategic partners. For us, partnering means working with clients to co-create tailored investment solutions that meet their specific needs – a ‘made with you’ rather than ‘made for you’ approach. The vast majority of our ideas for new strategies originate from understanding our clients’ needs or in direct response to client requests. The more interaction we have with our investors, the more we learn and improve.

The reality is that the more we listen to clients, the more we learn

Bernard Sabrier, Unigestion Chairman

Large enough to deliver, small enough to care

We have the scale and capability to deliver sophisticated solutions worldwide, while remaining small enough to be close to our investors, with the flexibility to be nimble and adapt as their needs evolve. We get to know our clients individually in order to provide a service that is tailored to them and to build their trust in us. This ethos is embedded throughout the organisation, from the very top down, with our Chairman, CEO and senior management team all regularly involved in client meetings.

We bring the same rigour, focus on quality and service excellence to all our client relationships. Our experienced sales and client service teams deliver a highly personalised, proactive service based on in-depth market knowledge and their understanding of each client’s specific requirements. As we aim to build long-term partnerships, ensuring our investors receive exceptional ongoing support is essential.

This includes:

  • Dedicated client service resources for each account, plus regular access to the relevant investment managers.
  • Access to our research.
    • We are passionate about sharing our ideas with our investors.
    • We openly share our programme of research and invite clients to research events that bring together leading academics and industry practitioners.
    • We often undertake bespoke research on clients’ behalf.
  • Superior, fully customisable reporting. In keeping with our risk-focused approach, we are always open and transparent around the risks we take and how our strategies are likely to perform in different market conditions.
  • Access to sophisticated investment tools to understand and optimise investors’ portfolio risk allocation and characteristics.
  • Expert handling of investment, operational and legal queries.
  • Personalised training around our investment strategies and approach, if required.

We take great care to ensure that our objectives are aligned with those of our investors at all times. Client satisfaction is an integral part of the performance objectives of all our employees, who are assessed and incentivised accordingly, and our investment professionals each invest their own capital into the products they manage. When launching new strategies, we always invest our partners’ capital first to ensure we truly understand our investors’ perspective.