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The worst year for financial assets since 2008

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This chart compares the percentage of negative returns across a broad range of financial assets. 2018 has so far been the worst year for their performance since 2008, and the second worst since 1990. Investors will need to remain dynamic and risk focused in 2019.

worst year for financial assets since 2008

Source: Bloomberg, Unigestion calculations. Data as at 30.11.2018. Indices covered: S&P 500 Index / MSCI Emerging Markets Index / MSCI World Index / DAX / Topix / Barclays US Corporate High Yield Total Return Index / Barclays US Treasury Total Return Index Unhedged USD / ICE BofAML US Treasury & Agency Index / Barclays Emerging Markets USD Aggregate Total Return Index Value Unhedged / Barclays Global Treasury Total Return Index Value Hedged USD / Bloomberg Energy Subindex / Bloomberg Industrial Metals Subindex / S&P GSCI Energy Index ER / S&P GSCI Industrial Metals Index ER / Barclays World Govt Inflation-Linked All Maturities TR Hedged USD / US Dollar Index / US Trade Weighted Broad Dollar January 1997=100 / Hedge Fund Research HFRX Absolute Return Index / VIX Index.

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