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Performance built on research

Research and academic discovery are fundamental, enabling us to help you find answers to issues arising from a constantly evolving investment environment and to deliver differentiated fund management strategies.

Our research committee meets on a monthly basis with the aim of cross-fertilising research ideas throughout the company. Each investment team commits to an annual research programme with our portfolio managers and analysts evaluated for their contribution to research as well as investment performance.

Our innovative and often pioneering research has, for instance, included Professors Haugen and Baker exploring the Minimum Variance anomaly within the equities space as early as 1995. More recently, in partnership with Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, we designed a sophisticated measure of risk in private equity, the Expected Downside Absolute Deviation.

“Research today translates into performance tomorrow and sharing our findings and exchanging views is an important part of our relationship with you.” – Fiona Frick, CEO


We support and sponsor research and educational initiatives run by leading academic institutions and industry bodies including:

You will find examples of our research papers in our Publications section.