We strive to actively drive dialogue by sharing our views on ESG topics at industry events, including:

Active Participation at Industry Events

Unigestion is proud to support ESG initiatives both at a local and global level. In Switzerland, our Group CEO, Fiona Frick, is a member of the Board of Sustainable Finance Geneva and in this role has spoken at the inaugural Building Bridges Summit, and hosted ESG events. Globally, we have signed and supported the Montreal Carbon Pledge and spoken at the PRI in Person in London. We firmly embrace Principle 4 of the PRI: “We will promote acceptance and implementation of the Principles within the investment industry.”

  • PRI in Person, London, September 2015, our Responsible Investment Coordinator, Eric Cockshutt, was a member of the ESG in Hedge Funds Panel and provided statistics from our first ESG in Alternatives study.
  • PRI, Stockholm, June 2017, our Responsible Investment Coordinator, Eric Cockshutt, launched the Standard DDQ for Hedge Funds that he helped create along with the PRI, SBAI and AIMA.
  • “Switzerland, Home of the Green Economy?”, Geneva, February 2018. Unigestion hosted the event in conjunction with 100 Women in Finance. The agenda featured our Group CEO Fiona Frick, Alexandre Marquis, Eric Cockshutt, and Joana Castro as well as guest presenter Angela de Wolff of Conser and a keynote from Dr. Charles Donovan, Director, Centre for Climate Finance and Investment, Imperial College Business School.
  • Geneva Forum for Sustainable Investment, Geneva, May 2018, our Group CEO, Fiona Frick, was a panelist.
  • Building Bridges Summit, Geneva, October 2019. Our Group CEO, Fiona Frick, moderated a panel on ESG integration, to foster new conversations and collaborations aimed at accelerating the finance industry’s contribution to the achievement of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


Current initiatives or associations


We have been a signatory of the UN PRI since 2013, to promote and support these principles across the firm and the industry. In this context, we are assessed annually on our commitment to RI

Montreal Carbon Pledge

In June 2016, we signed the Montréal Carbon Pledge (the Pledge), a collaboration between the UN PRI and investors from around the world. The Pledge has attracted commitment from over 120 asset owners and investment managers with over USD 10 trillion in assets under management. By signing the Pledge, we committed to measuring and disclosing the carbon footprint of all of our liquid portfolios to help investors better understand, quantify and manage climate change-related impacts, risk and opportunities.

Swiss Sustainable Finance

We have been an active member of Swiss Sustainable Finance since 2014. This association promotes sustainability in the Swiss financial market and engagement with Swiss investors to promote sustainable investment.

Sustainable Finance Geneva

Since 2017, we have been a member of Sustainable Finance Geneva, which promotes Geneva as a hub for sustainable finance, and our CEO sits at the board.

Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)

SASB is an independent non-profit organisation that sets standards to guide the disclosure of financially material sustainability information by companies to their investors. SASB standards identify the subset of ESG issues most relevant to financial performance in each of 77 industries. SASB also provides education and other resources that advance the use and understanding of its standards.

Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)

Climate change presents financial risk to the global economy. Therefore, financial markets need clear, comprehensive, high-quality information on the impacts of climate change. This includes the risks and opportunities presented by rising temperatures, climate-related policy, and emerging technologies in our changing world. The TCFD was created to improve and increase reporting of climate-related financial information.

LGPS Transparency Code

Since 2017, we have complied with the LGPS Transparency Code to provide industry standard fee transparency to our LGPS clients and prospects.

Standards Board of Alternative Investment

Since 2008, we have been a core supporter of the Hedge Funds Standards Board (now Standards Board of Alternative Investment), to develop best practices for alternative investment funds.

Transition Pathway Initiative

We are strong believers that climate change is a risk that must be measured and managed. As such, we are pleased to support the work of the Transition Pathway Initiative, as its deep analysis aids us in making informed investment decisions and provides a rich background for our engagement initiatives.

Tobacco-Free Finance Pledge

Tobacco-Free Finance Pledge Signatories are leading financial institutions that have implemented tobacco-free finance policies and encourage others to follow suit, thereby raising awareness among financial institutions of the essential role the finance sector must play to help achieve the SDG’s, reduce mortality from tobacco and improve global health.

The FAIRR Initiative

Established by the Jeremy Coller Foundation, the FAIRR Initiative is a collaborative investor network that raises awareness of the environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities brought about by intensive livestock production.