Asset management for wealthy individuals

Unigestion is an independent and trusted asset manager passionate about helping clients achieve their investments goals. We serve a wide range of investors, including high net worth individuals and their families looking to safeguard and grow their wealth.

We understand that wealthy individuals have worked hard to accumulate their assets. Capital preservation and risk control are therefore at the heart of our philosophy for managing money. Since our launch in 1971, we have stayed true to our conviction that anticipating and managing risk – not chasing returns – is the key to delivering the best returns for our clients. Our private ownership allows us to take a long-term perspective for the benefit of our clients.

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A client-first mindset

At Unigestion, we believe each and every client relationship should be built on dialogue and trust. We therefore place great emphasis on talking with and listening to our investors and their advisers. These discussions help us to understand the individual’s goals and objectives and, crucially, their appetite for risk.

In this way, we work together towards identifying an appropriate investment solution for each client. This could be a tailor-made portfolio specifically designed to meet the investor’s needs, or an investment in an existing strategy via a pooled fund. We take a flexible and adaptable approach and are able to accommodate clients who have their own investment ideas or need certain constraints placed on the management of their assets.

Outstanding service

We take pride in offering a truly best-in-class service to our clients. Our focus is on building long-term relationships. Ensuring our investors receive exceptional ongoing support is therefore a key focus for us. We place great importance on keeping wealthy individuals and their advisers fully informed at all times:

  • For new investors, we work with them to ensure the efficient transfer and investment of their assets
  • A dedicated client service team is available to assist clients and their advisers with their investment, reporting, operational and legal questions
  • We provide comprehensive reporting to fit each client’s preference, including tailor-made reporting when required
  • Our clients have regular access to our investment teams
  • Clients can gain insight and read analysis from our newsletters and research papers
  • Clients have the option of attending organised events where we share information on our investment views and strategies
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Serving investors around the globe

As well as wealthy individuals, we manage money for pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies, financial institutions, family offices and other financial intermediaries. Our global presence means that we serve investors around the world – in Europe, North America and Asia. In total, we are entrusted with the management of over US$23.9 billion of client assets.

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