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For over 50 years we have partnered with the most discerning investors
to achieve their objectives.

Bernard Sabrier, Chairman

Our company

Unigestion is an independent, specialist asset management company providing innovative, tailored solutions for investors worldwide. We believe that intelligent risk-taking is key to delivering consistent returns over time.

This core conviction underpins our investment approach across our three areas of expertise –private equity, equities and multi asset & wealth management.

Our focus on understanding and anticipating risk as a means to outperform sets us apart. By taking risk in a measured, informed way, we aim to deliver the performance our clients expect.

Risk management is embedded at every stage of our investment process. It’s part of our DNA, our culture and defines everything we do. Headquartered in Geneva, Unigestion has a global presence that extends across Europe, North America and Asia.

We are privately held, with an ownership structure designed to preserve our long-term independence and benefit all stakeholders. With key employees and investors as shareholders, we aim to ensure our business is fully aligned with the needs of our clients.

Innovation, the intelligent use of technology and human insight – applied across our investment expertise – are at the heart of our ability to deliver consistent results.

Christophe de Dardel, Chief Executive Officer

Innovation, expertise
and performance

Our experienced investment professionals work across 10 offices in Europe, North America and Asia, harnessing our advanced proprietary technology to support the delivery of consistent performance in private equity, equities, multi-asset and wealth management portfolios.

Unigestion has a long track record of innovation. We were one of the early investors in hedge funds in the 1980s, were an early adopter of private equity strategies such as secondaries and emerging managers and pioneered low volatility equity investing.

We believe that technology can enhance our investment processes, combining mind and machine to potentially improve returns. We have developed exciting, proprietary technology in private equity, equities and multi-asset to support our investment professionals. These rigorously back-tested technologies help our people make informed decisions on, for example, the likelihood of a private equity deal achieving its targets, the sub factors that drive equity returns, or the global economic outlook.

Our focus on understanding and anticipating risk as a means to outperform also sets us apart. By taking risk in a measured, informed way, we aim to deliver the performance our clients expect. Visit our ‘Investment Offering’ section to discover more about our expertise.

We are recognised for our early adoption of ESG principles.
We launched our first SRI fund in 2004 and have steadily integrated ESG principles into the majority of our investments. We firmly believe that sustainability will be a long-term driver for change in markets, countries, sectors and companies and want to participate in the investment returns these opportunities will generate. Find out more

Our Clients

We have helped some of the world’s most sophisticated investors grow their capital and mitigate risk for more than 50 years. We pride ourselves on being a trusted partner, working closely with our clients to find solutions that meet their investment goals. On average, our largest clients have relationships with us spanning 13 years.

We have decades of experience in running bespoke mandates, which today account for more than 60% of our assets under management.


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