Our Values

For more than 50 years, our values have been deeply rooted in our behaviour, our culture and our way of conducting business. They act as the ‘compass’ which guides each and every one of us to deliver sustainable growth. Our strategies may change, but our values remain constant.

Bernard Sabrier, Unigestion Chairman


Client First

Our ultimate aim is to help our clients reach their goals by delivering performance over the
long-term and providing the best service possible. This mind-set permeates every aspect of what we
do and focuses the mind of every colleague within the organisation.


Ultimately our clients are judging us on the performance and service we deliver for them. This is
why at the heart of our business model there is an uncompromising focus on delivery. At every level
of the organisation, each individual is intent on delivering his or her part for the company in
order to achieve maximum and sustainable impact for our clients.


We are constantly exploring new ways of doing things, solving problems and finding better solutions
for our clients and colleagues. Showing intellectual curiosity and practicing inquisitive thinking
help us in driving innovation and creating a dynamic and stimulating working environment.



Unigestion was founded by passionate free thinkers and entrepreneurs who successfully guided the
company through three market crashes and numerous bouts of volatility, thanks to a relentless focus
on client needs and an emphasis on new ideas. This entrepreneurial spirit and can-do attitude is
very much alive at Unigestion and is an integral part of our corporate DNA.

Long-term Focus

Our independence enables us to consider our clients and colleagues as partners embarked on a journey
for the long run. We have the responsibility to our stakeholders as well as to society to behave in
a way that respects and promotes societal, environmental and economic welfare.

Going the Extra Mile

As a trusted partner to some of the world’s most sophisticated investors, we are held to the highest
standards. We strive to continuously improve and aim for excellence.


Empowered to Succeed

We believe that everyone in the organisation, from the most junior colleague to the CEO, should
seize accountability and seek responsibility. A culture that fosters ownership at all levels drives
colleagues to perform better.

Take Intelligent Risk

The cornerstone of our philosophy is that in investment, as in life, it’s not about avoiding risk,
but rather about taking the right type of risk and having the conviction to do so. We are
intelligent risk takers, we encourage our colleagues to try new things and challenge the status quo.

Influence our Destiny

Our staff are empowered to take decisions and to solve problems for our clients and partners. Every
employee at Unigestion is in charge of their own destiny and contribute to our collective success.