Working together with Intermediaries

At Unigestion, helping our clients achieve investment success drives everything we do. Our global presence means we work with Intermediaries such as private banks, wealth managers, life insurers and family offices around the world, and we recognise the ever-increasing challenges they face in delivering investment solutions for their clients.

We partner with intermediaries in a range of capacities, taking a collaborative and holistic approach, to help our clients maintain an investment edge.

We partner with Intermediaries in a range of capacities, including as advisers, portfolio managers and trustees. We provide access to a comprehensive range of investment strategies available in both regulated and pooled funds, as well as bespoke solutions that can be tailored to individual requirements.


Due to changes in the regulatory environment and the rising need to differentiate the client offering, we have seen a growing focus on sub-advisory in recent years. Many financial institutions often don’t have the necessary in-house skills to offer a full suite of products and so look to enter sub-advisory relationships with companies such as Unigestion to plug the gaps and increase the diversity of their product range. Such a partnership sees the investment management of funds outsourced to companies who have the right people and processes in place, and it can often be a cheaper and more efficient way of launching new funds. At Unigestion, we believe that dialogue lies at the heart of any good, long-term relationship. We therefore work closely with clients seeking sub-advisory relationships, taking time to develop a solid understanding of their needs. We appreciate that each company will require differing levels of support and services and tailor our offerings accordingly. Whether it is basic, single asset portfolio management or more complex multi asset portfolio construction, we can offer a sub-advisory service that is collaborative, holistic and will help the client maintain an investment edge in terms of both product and service. We can add any level of environmental, social and governance (ESG) constraints to sub-advised portfolios. Be it filtering out single stocks, entire sectors or specific risks, with USD 2.8 billion under management within ESG constrained portfolios, we have the expertise to deliver the solution that is right for our clients. It is not only equity portfolios that can be adapted to a client’s ESG requirements, private equity, liquid alternative and multi asset offerings can also be adapted accordingly.

Proactive and personalised client service

Our Sales and Client Service teams deliver a highly personalised, proactive service based on in-depth market knowledge, and their research and understanding of the challenges our clients face.

Our focus is on building long-term relationships. Providing our investors with ongoing support is key. We aim to achieve this through:

  • An efficient onboarding process
  • High quality reporting with clear, detailed explanations, disclosures and data analysis
  • Expert handling of investment, operational and legal queries
  • Regular access to the portfolio investment team
  • Bespoke research

Keeping you informed

All Intermediaries can sign up to receive the latest research from our investment teams, which focuses on both the broader macro picture as well on more niche or in-depth issues.

Insights and research from Unigestion

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