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Our values

Our key values at Unigestion that underpin our relationships with clients, colleagues, partners and shareholders are excellence, guidance, independence and integrity.



This value helps us set the bar high to consistently stand out in a crowded market place. Deep knowledge and innovation is derived from constant research, testing and optimising asset management solutions for the 21st century. Focus is what turns our knowledge into solutions for our clients. Visionary, Knowledgeable and Focused build together the value of EXCELLENCE.



This value truly helps us differentiate ourselves. It speaks directly to the character of our thoughtful target audience in choosing a boutique asset manager with scale that genuinely deserves its premium. Thoughtful, Trusted and Partnering together deliver the value of GUIDANCE.


This value speaks to where we come from and where we are heading. Determination, an entrepreneurial spirit and durability are in our DNA. We are not afraid to take the untrodden path, seeking new, pioneering ways for both our clients and ourselves. Determined, Entrepreneurial and Durable together, build the value of INDEPENDENCE.



This value talks to our beliefs on how we act both inside and outside our business. We say what we do and we do what we say. Transparently, consistently and with the utmost commitment we are loyal to our clients and to ourselves. Committed, Transparent and Loyal stand together to deliver the value of INTEGRITY.