Alain Robert

Alain Robert, Independent director of Unigestion Holding SA.
Alain Robert is a former Executive Vice Chairman for UBS Global Wealth Management. He has been with the bank for 40 years in various functions and business divisions, including a seven year assignment in Canada. In 2001, he joined the UBS Group Managing Board as Head of Retail Banking. In 2003, he became Head of UBS Wealth Management Switzerland, a responsibility which was expanded in 2005 with the leadership of the global Key Client Initiative. In 2007, Alain Robert became Head of UBS Wealth Management and Business Banking. Among his professional activities, Alain Robert was a member of the Foundation Board of the UBS Pension Fund in Switzerland, President of the UBS Cultural Foundation, President of the UBS Social and Education Foundation, Chairman of UBS Italy Spa and UBS Monaco SA. Currently, he is Chairman of UBS France SA, President of the Helmut Horton Foundation and member of the Board of ICMB in Geneva.