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Risk management and research are keys to outperformance.

Our focus on managing risk to maximise returns is at the heart of all our strategies.

Investment decision-makers are facing an increasing number of challenges: traditional investment assumptions no longer hold true, there is an avalanche of new regulatory requirements, a multitude of investment constraints and increasing governance pressure. In this context, we believe that it is our responsibility to partner with you to address these challenges for the long term. Our philosophy is to understand your objectives in depth so we can, using our risk management-driven approach, deliver solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Core to our approach is our philosophy that outperformance comes from superior risk management. In the long term, markets reward those investors who focus on managing and anticipating risks rather than chasing returns. Risk contributions have a greater impact on performance than asset weight. Long-term returns are best achieved through downside protection. From a statistical standpoint, risk estimates are much more reliable than return estimates. We also focus on rigorous portfolio construction and apply stringent capacity and liquidity management across all our portfolios.

We constantly refine our investment methodologies and view research as critical to this process

Sharing our research in a participative way

Sharing our research with you and engaging in dialogue with you and other experts will ultimately lead to creativity and innovation in investments.

At Unigestion, our duty is to provide you with the finest investment solutions, to innovate and to remain at the forefront of the industry.