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Innovative ‘360 degree risk management’ based approach to equity investment:


Unigestion offers a range of active equity strategies whose risk managed approach is well suited for the challenges faced by institutional investors like, in particular, liability matching. These product offerings include risk-managed long only equity strategies and an active factor allocation equity strategy.




Unigestion’s central belief is that equity outperformance is derived from superior risk management. As such, Unigestion’s equity strategies are based on its proprietary risk-based 360 degree risk analysis investment process developed over the last 20 years. This approach uses both quantitative and qualitative analysis and includes market, statistical, valuation, liquidity and macro economic considerations as well as ESG analysis.


Risk is not just about the quantity but also, and more importantly, about the type of risk taken. Consequently, Unigestion concentrates on evaluating the characteristics of risk.
Through its 360 degree risk approach Unigestion aims to eliminate unrewarded risks whilst retaining rewarded risks.
Unigestion’s experienced team uses both quantitative tools as well as qualitative analysis to conduct historical and forward looking analysis. This creates a more robust process for taking bottom up and top down decisions to adapt to changing risk patterns in the market.


The investment objective of Unigestion’s long only risk-managed flagship equity strategies is to outperform the respective benchmark over a full market cycle by 3% p.a. with reducing the volatility by 30%.
These strategies are always 100% invested in equities, with no exposure to derivatives and no leverage. The key attribute of this approach is producing performance asymmetry which translates into higher participation in bull markets than in bear markets. Unigestion believes that investors can better capture the equity premium over the long term by eliminating the unrewarded risk factors present in traditional benchmarks.
Unigestion provides a wide range of investment strategies for clients:

This fund uses the best characteristics of our investment strategy in what is the most diversified investment universe one can think of: the World.

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Our Emerging Markets strategy aims to reduce the typical volatility that we find in Emerging Markets to one that is similar to that in Developed Markets. It is an ideal way to access the growth potential of Emerging Markets while getting protection from the sometimes significant tail events happening in these markets.

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Investors can take advantage of one of our longest established strategies, created in 2004.

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The objective of this strategy is to generate outperformance against the US equity market, with lower volatility. The trust our clients place in this strategy is testified by the fact this is one of the largest US equity strategies managed by a non-US based manager.

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This strategy exploits the diversification of the Japanese market to deliver outperformance with lower volatility.

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Our first equities fund launched in 1999 is also one of the Swiss equity funds with the longest track record in the market.

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This fund offers the best characteristics of our strategy focused on Eurozone countries.

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Unigestion’s Equities Active Factor Allocation strategy is an actively managed long only equity strategy with the aim to outperform the benchmark over a full market cycle by 2% p.a.
The investment team has an innovative investment approach by applying its proven 360 degree risk management on four equity factors value, momentum, quality and size. This allows eliminating unrewarded risk at the single factor level. Unigestion overcomes the notoriously difficult challenge to allocate capital between factors, by using its in-house developed active macro risk based methodology.

Unigestion’s Equities Active Factor Allocation strategy is an actively managed long only equity strategy with the aim to outperform the benchmark over a full market cycle by 2% p.a.

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Unigestion can construct, integrate and manage a dedicated Environmental/Social/Governance factors (ESG) overlay across all our equity strategies.