Our approach

We believe that today’s research is tomorrow’s performance. Research is an integral part of portfolio managers’ work and we have a long tradition of applying scientific research methods to create innovative strategies for our clients. Our collaboration-based approach to research has led us to build a strong, extended network of industry practitioners and academics to generate and develop ideas. To foster that cross-fertilisation of research, we are organised around four main pillars:

  • The Research & Innovation Lab advises the Executive Committee on key research cross-firm research strategic initiatives, determining appropriate resources and technological set-up.
  • The Academic Advisory Board enables us to benefit from the inputs of independent leading academic researchers on the critical economic and investment issues facing investors.
  • Each of our investment lines follows a specific research agenda determined annually with all investment professionals assessed and rewarded based on their contribution.
  • The Quant Infrastructure Committee is in charge of the design of an efficient quantitative platform incorporating best technological standards over time.

We also collaborate in the organisation of conferences mixing academics and industry peers to foster the exchanges of ideas, such as the annual Private Markets Research Conference. We also work to inspire the next generation of talent by offering research internships and academic prizes such as the Women in Finance Scholarship for the Master of Financial Engineering at EPFL.

Academic Foundation

Research and Innovation Lab

Co-ordinates main research initiatives at group level

Steers progress in investment lines’ research programmes

Fosters collaboration among research experts across the company

Academic Advisory Board

Formalises links with academia

Provide vision on critical economic and investment issues

Supports exchanges with academia through internal and public events

Investment Lines Research

Annual research agenda for each investment line (KPI)

Focused on enhancements of investment process

Develops new investment solutions

Bespoke research for clients

Quant Infrastructure

Supports the development of an efficient and scalable quant platform

Integrates state-of-the-art and innovative technologies

Today’s research drives tomorrow’s performance

Delivering research Into strategies




Evolving Nowcasters

Integrating News through Natural Language Processing methodologies into our macro-signals indicators

Seek to improve the reactiveness of our Nowcaster macro indicators by adding macro news sentiment signals

Implementation of the ‘Newscaster’ sentiment signals alongside the ‘Nowcaster’ signals in our multi-asset investment processes

Machine Learning in Private Equity

Applying machine learning algorithms to forecast the return of Private Equity funds based on structured data, unstructured date and GP (General Partners) sentiment

Score all known funds in fundraising

Efficient shortlisting of funds to be reviewed by analysts:

  • 700 funds trained
  • 300 funds tested
  • 70% accuracy achieved

ESG Scoring

Designing a proprietary ESG scoring methodology for companies

Develop an ESG indicator aligned with our equity investment process around active risk management

Implementation of monthly indicators in our equity investment processes from the risk perspective. We took into account differences in materiality of ESG issues for different sectors and incorporated the impact of controversies, when relevant.