Unigestion Secondary V – LIVE

In our COVID dominated world, are secondary transactions frozen as GPs await valuations to stabilise? Or is there opportunity to be found in the small-mid space and in structuring special transactions focused on the very best companies?

Join our talented secondaries team on Thursday, 5 November at 9:00 am GMT (17:00 SGP) live from the US, Europe and Asia – as they discuss how they are able to get deals done, deploy new capital and generate above average returns in this complex environment.

David Swanson, Principal Private Equity, US, David Da Wei Ng, Associate, Singapore and Paul Newsome, Head of Investment Solutions, Geneva – hosted by Lloyd Reynolds, Global Financial Institutions, will explore recent exits as well as the first deals for our latest secondary vehicle, Unigestion Secondary V. After its second close, the fund has already raised EUR 350 million and will be looking to close within the next 12 months.