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Cop26: Data Provision Key For Asset Managers

Dec, 2021

Fiona Frick, Unigestion’s CEO, has published the last in her series of articles on ESG in Investment Week. This piece covers the announcement of the ISSB at COP26 and the importance of data as asset managers seek to influence companies.


Unigestion Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2021

Dec, 2021

Find out more about Unigestion’s Corporate Social Responsibility.

ESG: Why Active Managers Have the Upper Hand

Oct, 2021

The introduction of SFDR has been a welcome breath of fresh air for those of us committed to truly integrating ESG, as it should serve to prevent the cynical use of ESG terminology in marketing collateral.

ESG: Towards a more purposeful capitalism

May, 2021

Fiona Frick, Unigestion’s CEO, has written a thought leadership series on ESG for Investment Week. Read the first installment – ESG: Towards a more purposeful capitalism.

ESG and Impact: Blurring The Boundaries

June, 2021

In this second article on responsible investing, Fiona Frick, Unigestion’s CEO, highlights how ESG and impact will merge over time, creating opportunities and challenges for investors…

The Impact of ESG Criteria on Long-Term Performance

May, 2021

Fiona Frick, CEO of Unigestion, discusses how we incorporate ESG criteria into the investment process to generate better risk-adjusted performance and the important role ESG investing plays in addressing social and environmental problems.

ESG Integration in Cross Asset Solutions

May, 2021

In our latest ESG video, Jérôme Teiletche, Head of Cross Assets Solutions, discusses how ESG considerations are applied across Unigestion’s multi asset offerings, with a particular focus on integration at the asset class level.

Performance, Risk and ESG Criteria Combined

Nov, 2020

Sara Razmpa, Head of Responsible Investment, discusses the importance of ESG in investment management, how Unigestion interacts with companies and how ESG is incorporated in both liquid and illiquid strategies.

ESG Integration Within Minimum Variance Portfolios

May, 2020

Investors are increasingly looking to incorporate ESG preferences into their investment strategies, yet the implications of doing so on portfolio efficiency and performance are not always clear. In this paper, we analyse the impact…

Introducing our ESG Roadmap

August, 2021

Fiona Frick, CEO of Unigestion, Sara Razmpa, Head of Responsible Investment, and the Heads of Equities, Private Equity and Cross Asset Solutions, outline our three-year ESG roadmap for integrating ESG criteria across all our investment activities.