Unigestion partners with John Hancock to promote its Alternative Risk Premia strategy in the US market

Unigestion, the independent specialist asset manager, is expanding its US presence through a new subadvisory partnership with John Hancock Investment Management, a company of Manulife Investment Management. Effective 18 December 2019, Unigestion’s Alternative Risk Premia strategy is available through the John Hancock Alternative Risk Premia Fund (the Fund).

Managed by Unigestion’s Cross Asset Solutions team, which is headed by Jérôme Teiletche, the John Hancock Alternative Risk Premia Fund adopts an innovative, macro risk-based proprietary investment approach, allocating strategically and dynamically across a broad and diversified range of alternative risk premia.

The Fund pursues its investment objective by seeking to provide exposure to a diversified range of alternative investment styles by investing in trend, carry, value, and equity factors across global stock, bond, currency, and commodity markets. The Fund seeks to have a low correlation to the equity, bond and credit markets.

We are very excited that Unigestion’s flagship Alternative Risk Premia strategy has been selected by John Hancock Investment Management. This shows a continued demand for innovative, nimble and liquid alternative approaches that can help multi-asset investors looking for uncorrelated returns and added diversification for their portfolios.

In our view, a liquid portfolio of alternative risk premia should offer investors an alternative to equities and bonds that is expected to be more cost-effective and transparent than hedge funds. We believe our edge is underpinned by a focus on a truly diversified portfolio of alternative risk premia and a dynamic allocation built on a strong macroeconomic framework based on our proprietary indicators, Nowcasters.

Simone Gallo, Head of Global Intermediary Distribution at Unigestion


Simone Gallo

We are pleased to welcome Unigestion to our network of managers and to offer its alternative risk premia strategy to investors in the US, Unigestion is a pioneer in hedge fund investing, systematic investing, and hedge fund replication with decades of experience in these asset classes and we believe that adding an alternative risk premia strategy to a portfolio of traditional assets may provide diversification in a multi-asset portfolio.

Phil Fontana, Head of Investment Product, US, John Hancock Investment Management